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We believe that AI can solve the world’s – and our client’s – most challenging problems. Radiance transforms publicly available data into timely, actionable intelligence, helping our clients anticipate, understand, manage and mitigate risk. We help our clients identify potential risks before they occur.

Client Case Studies and Testimonials

“Before we started working with Lumina, our approach to risk management was siloed – managers were looking at risk in their areas of responsibility. Lumina is helping us see risks across our entire enterprise.”

CEO of Pharmaceutical Company

For a national sports league, Lumina correlated more than 105 million client-provided IP addresses and evaluated risks with 13,000 game attendees. Nine high-risk threats were identified and shared with multiple federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

“Lumina’s approach is unique. The intelligence its analysts are providing is varied and dynamic. No other vendor appears to approach risk in a similar manner. Lumina tells us what we should be concerned about, who should concern us, and why we should be concerned.”

CEO of Fortune 100 Company

For a nationally-recognized healthcare system, Lumina has verified 260,000 individuals and entities against regulatory requirements identifying 67 individuals and entities for regulatory risk. One new vendor was identified for active exclusion under System Award Management, including location of violation, case docket, reason for exclusion and exclusion date.

Radiance is helping with the screening process for a governmental agency, with the capability to process between 40,000 and 60,000 names a day. Radiance produces a prioritized list of high-risk individuals in about 30 seconds.

Lumina data-mined nearly 75,000 websites related to a potential client and industry for a major financial institution. Name extraction was conducted on collected data, identifying 4,000 documents related to the potential client. Radiance identified 3,400 names as relevant and 95 names as most influential.

Washington, DC-based security firm used HUM-INT as a secure, consolidated incident reporting system for a large security and transportation client. OS-INT was used by security to advance venue locations to help provide a common operating picture and identify any threats or threat chatter.

Maryland law enforcement agency used and validated OS-INT with the tracking and subsequent apprehension of a fugitive.

Washington, DC-based security firm used HUM-INT as a safe traveler app for client security and transportation. Through the S4 app, HUM-INT provided a secure, consolidated incident reporting system in a high-threat area in Central America.  Immediately prior to landing in Central America, clients’ flight was diverted to another country.  The incident was managed and mitigated in real time with global coordination via the S4 app. OS-INT was used to conduct a venue advance for the clients’ geographic destination.

Government system integrator used OS-INT to evaluate incumbent staff based upon Adjudicative Guidelines. Through OS-INT continuous evaluation capabilities, issues of possible Adjudicative concern were flagged and validated. 

Virginia law enforcement agency ran a NET-INT search of all associated IP addresses, seeking to identify Lone Wolf threats to agency and judicial facilities.

Maryland law enforcement agency used and validated HUM-INT with the recovery of an illegal firearm.

Maryland law enforcement agency used and validated HUM-INT and OS-INT with a reported suicide risk profile.

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