Evidence-based solutions to curb public health crises.

It is our goal to rapidly reduce opioid-induced overdose death. If we can save lives today, we give victims the opportunity for recovery tomorrow. Lumina provides real-time data relevant to opioid addiction treatment, prevention, and interdiction.

Identifying Trends & Risks

Real-time insights for targeted solutions.

Lumina’s machine learning technology and artificial intelligence provide real-time data to stakeholders engaged in combating nationwide opioid addiction and overdose. Our insights reveal macro-level trends as well as addiction risk at the individual level. Our systems provide timely and relevant data, driving highly targeted, evidence-based decision-making in policy and treatment.


Aggregation of Publicly-Available Data

We use machine learning and AI technology to aggregate information from publicly available data sources, including social media, news media, advertising, and legal databases and archives, for real-time monitoring of the national crisis.


Behavioral Analytics and Social Network Analysis

Our data ecosystems shed light on the scope of opioid-induced overdose and the structural determinants of health among communities of addiction. Our systems reveal down to the individual level those most at risk of opioid-induced mortality and substance use disorder.


Targeted Marketing Techniques 

We leverage cutting edge marketing techniques to direct those identified as most at risk of opioid addiction and overdose to proven treatment facilities and programs in their area. Our messaging and intelligence capture trends in real-time, empowering swift and targeted action.

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