Analyzing public data to keep the world safe.

Lumina uses publicly available data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and prevent attacks. Our risk sensing platform identifies behavior patterns to predict risk.

Security Platform

Situational awareness beyond the security perimeter.

Lumina’s security platform provides partners with early attack detection, high-risk targeting, personnel screening and real-time crowdsourced intelligence. Using unique methods, Lumina protects organizations from the inside out.






HAWK is a dynamic database of individuals who are directly or indirectly affiliated with terrorism around the world. Screening against HAWK provides protection against people who have access to your facilities. 







Lumina S4TM

Lumina S4 See Something, Say Something allows staff and attendees to anonymously report suspicious activity within a geo-fenced area in real time via an app. 






Lumina‚Äôs Lone Wolf Indicator predictively detects individuals whose online behavior indicates a shift from radicalization to mobilization for an attack.   








NiTTINg predictively identifies violent actors whose online behavior indicate they are targeting our client before they have a chance to act. 



Event, Venue & Stadium Security

Major sporting events, venues and arenas draw dense crowds of people, which in turn creates a high-profile target for actors to carry out attacks. We specialize in providing risk sensing technology to predictively highlight and prevent potentially catastrophic events.

City & Community Security

Lumina’s platform of predictive security technology empowers cities and citizens to live and work in a safe environment. By working with cities, large corporations, and communities, Lumina provides a protective shield around cities to prevent the next violent attack.

Universities, Colleges & School Security

Lumina provides predictive AI technology to identify and stop potential mass casualties before they occur. By combining these services with its real-time, anonymous reporting technology, Lumina empowers students and faculty to report suspicious behavior to get ahead of life-threatening events.

Malls & Shopping Center Security

Lumina’s security technology provides malls and shopping centers with predictive services to prevent violent extremism and workplace violence. Lumina leverages its proprietary data to screen vendors to identify insider threats. When used with Lumina’s anonymous, real-time reporting technology, malls and shopping centers benefit from additional layers of predictive security to keep its visitors, employees and vendors safe.

Law Enforcement Collaboration

When providing physical security services, it is always important to have strong ties with local and federal law enforcement. When we uncover a threat, we leverage law enforcement relationships to get the intelligence into the hands of relevant authorities.


Our Physical Security Risk Sensing Suite

Looking to protect your people, places and assets?