Protect your brand and reputation.

Companies are realizing that existing risk management structures and risk detection are no longer sufficient to detect hidden threats and satisfy the demands of shareholders and regulators. Directors are under immense pressure to understand strategic, reputational and security risks that could affect their companies. We illuminate these risks for you, providing highly targeted and actionable intelligence.

Threat Mitigation

Proactive solutions for the changing character of risk.

Preventing risk requires early detection and intervention. Lumina’s advanced technology and real-time intelligence empower you to take a proactive, and predictive approach to threat mitigation. Risks often evolve and expand in unforeseen ways. Our services provide a holistic risk-sensing approach. Lumina provides artificial intelligence that evolves with your risk profile and is free of organizational boundaries and biases.


Reputational Risk

Uncover emergent threats to corporate reputation, shielding firms from negative public perception.


Strategic Risk

Provide predictive analyses of competitive landscape to preserve and grow your enterprise.


Physical Risk

Identify and target threats to people and assets for continuous monitoring and protection.

Risk Sensing Suites

Deep web analysis bringing your risk to light. Do you have a unique area of risk you’d like to discuss?