Our solutions save lives.

Companies remain susceptible to a wide variety of brand and physical risk events such as violent extremism and workplace violence. The need to get ahead of such events is crucial. Lumina uses proprietary technology to collect its own unique data and applies artificial intelligence, machine learning and highly trained intelligence analysts to identify potential threats before they occur. 

National Security

Predictive security that saves lives & infrastructure.

Lumina uses proprietary and unique data to protect its partners from the inside out. Lumina predictively illuminates bad actors who are actively planning to attack a stadium, venue or public place. Lumina moves quickly to provide in-depth intelligence to its partners and leverages its local and federal law enforcement relationships to assist in preventing a violent attack on its people and assets.

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Corporate Value

By sensing risks before they surface, boards can get ahead.

Lumina monitors the Internet and digital channels to uncover emerging threats pertaining to reputational, physical or strategic risk. Lumina provides Boards with opportunities to predict potentially catastrophic risks, so their companies have the opportunity to act and minimize resulting damages. Lumina leverages proprietary data to empower clients, so they can get ahead of the risks that have damaged some of the world’s most respected brands over the past few years.


Providing data to solve society’s biggest problems.

By aggregating publically available data, Lumina provides institutions and organizations real-time, accurate data to help fight and address issues such as the opioid epidemic and human trafficking.

What makes our approach unique?

It’s about transforming our proprietary data into actionable intelligence.