Report a Concern

Thank you for taking the time to come forward with your concern.  Lumina Analytics, LLC (“Lumina”) has provided this website for you to report unethical behavior, misconduct, and policy violations securely and confidentially.  Your willingness to come forward takes courage and is important to us.

Lumina will not tolerate any retaliation or retribution for reporting a concern in good faith through this Hotline.  If you choose not to provide your name, Lumina will respect and make every effort to preserve your anonymity, even if your identity becomes evident during our review of the matter.  If you choose to provide your name we will do our best to respect your confidentiality.  Understand that under certain circumstances we may be required to report information, such as potential crimes and infractions, to external agencies.

This Hotline is not for emergencies.  If you are reporting an emergency, please call 911 or contact the appropriate emergency service or law enforcement within your specific area.

TO MAKE A REPORT please provide the following information:

You may also report your concern by emailing:

Or calling 813-374-2474 and asking to speak with the head of Human Resources and Compliance

You may also speak directly with your supervisor or HR personnel.

Lumina was founded on the idea that technology is a force for good. We optimized our artificial intelligence capabilities to help keep people and places safe and secure. Protecting what matters most is more than what we do. It’s who we are.

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