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OS-INT. NET-INT. HUM-INT. Intelligence3

We bring the power of Open Source Intelligence (OS-INT), Internet Intelligence (NET-INT) and our See Something Say Something app (HUM-INT) for edge-to-edge risk detection. Radiance scours the web prioritizing current behaviors to predict future action. This is a key advantage over other technologies, which focus only on historical behavior.



OS-INT is a deep-web listening tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess and prioritize risk. Names entered into OS-INT are correlated with content related to 25 different risk factors, known as Behavioral Affinity Models (BAMs).

Searches provide near-instant results, delivering meaningful, actionable intelligence to identify and prevent risk.




NET-INT detects means, motivation and target for attack planning. Its proprietary algorithms continuously identify, monitor, capture and prioritize IP addresses exhibiting anomalous behavior across multiple risk dimensions.

The platform collects and stores more than a million interactions every day and since its inception has recorded more than 838,000 IP addresses engaged with threat-related risk topics.



HUM-INT is powered by the S4 app, a crowd-sourced, mobile application that allows users to confidentially report concerns in real time. Reports that have come into S4 include drug misuse, bullying, suicide risk and firearms threats, among others.

HUM-INT can be configured as a workplace tool, allowing employees to submit information related to potential risks. A centralized management portal allows clients to access real-time threats to geo-fenced locations.