Radiance Risk Report

Welcome to R3, Lumina’s Specialty AI-assisted risk reporting service.  R3 reporting is powered by Lumina’s Radiance SaaS technology. The Radiance reporting solution is currently available in three configurations:

R3, Internet Risk Reporting for Insider Threat and Reputation Risk

This is for general commercial and government use for human resources, security, and risk management professionals.

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R3, Security Clearance Continuous Monitoring

This is for human resources, security, compliance, and risk management professionals seeking to purchase R3 reports to vet individuals seeking security clearances and for continuous monitoring of individuals with existing clearances.  The internet search criteria for these reports are based on the thirteen adjudicative guidelines for the issuance and maintenance of security clearance.

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R3, Know Your Customer (KYC) Internet Search

These reports are for executives and management of financial institutions responsible for AML/BSA/KYC compliance and risk management operations.

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