Our Approach

A laser focus on your emerging threats.


Our unique data and purpose-built algorithms flag high-risk behaviors.


Our approach is different because we look at what people are doing, not just what they are saying.


We mine publicly available data and develop risk sensing technologies through a combination of machine learning and human analytics.

Step 1

Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence

Our system ingests massive amounts of publicly available data that contain known and unknown risk. Our artificial intelligence is comprised of unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, expert systems, and hybrid probabilistic algorithms augmented by artificial neural networks. These tools are applied in the mining and interpretation of our data as well as the operational optimization of its uses.

Step 2

Proprietary Algorithms & Data Aggregation

Our proprietary algorithms and data aggregation are continuously fine-tuned to maximize the value of our data ecosystems. Collectively, we are able to identify and extract names of individuals, entities, locations, and items from both unstructured and structured data. Through this automated process, our systems highlight and prioritizes areas of risk.

“Publicly available data contains a massive amount of information – much more than internal data. Organizations not looking at publicly available data for risk assessment and mitigation are missing an important opportunity to avoid such risks.”
-Dr. Morten Middelfart
Step 3

Data Scientists & Analysts

Anomalies found in our data sets are delivered to our highly trained human intelligence analysts for further investigation. At this stage, we know who has nexus to your organization’s network, how they are connected, and if they pose a threat to your personnel, facilities, or assets.

Step 4

Risk Sensing Technologies

We build scalable platforms focused around specific areas of risk. We embed our artificial intelligence and proprietary data into our platforms to provide clients unmatched levels of protection. 

Our Technology

Our technology senses behavioral anomalies to predict risk. We evaluate online behaviors that are indicative of suspicious activity, such as, pre-operational planning associated with criminal activity, violent extremism, and/or a threat to public safety.