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Lumina Secures $5 Million In Capital Raise

Tampa, Florida, July 10, 2019 – Lumina, a predictive analytics company whose AI-driven Radiance platform helps keep people and places safe and secure through active and early detection of potential risk-related behaviors, announced today that it has raised an...

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Leveraging Technology in Security Clearance Reform

Reforming the Security Clearance Process and Modernizing the Trusted Workforce for the 21st Century On April 24, 2019, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Transferring Responsibility for Background Investigations to the Department of Defense,[1] noting that...

Technology’s Impact on National Security

Introduction Homegrown radical terrorism and mass casualty events such as active shooter incidents in public spaces and schools remain real, prevalent threats to national security, to the security of private entities and their employees, to the economy, and to the...

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KGH Founder & CEO Dr. Kathleen Kiernan Joins Lumina Advisory Board

Lumina has announced that Dr. Kathleen Kiernan has agreed to join the Lumina Advisory Board, effective immediately.

Tampa tech startup snags $5 million

A Tampa tech company with a long history of “big get” investments has done it again. 

York, Lancaster lead nation in number of fatal overdose charges, data shows

Florida-based analytics company Lumina Analytics compiled data on the numbers of drug-induced homicide charges using local, state and federal government records as well as a web-based algorithm to scour the internet for media reporting on those charges

Tampa data analytics firm raises $5 million

Lumina Analytics LLC has raised $5 million. The funding will be used for the Radiance operating platform as well as its sales and marketing initiatives, a statement from the company said. 

Meet the new investors at Tampa’s Lumina Analytics

Lumina Analytics LLC, a Tampa technology company, has raised $1.47 million in an equity offering that brought new investors to the company.

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Companies are spending more to assess the threats against their leaders and keep them safe. Learn why experts say #AI will change the security landscape and help executive protection experts make sense of the vast amounts of digital data in the world.

A great article about our newest Advisory Board Member Dr. Kathleen Kiernan in @AmerSecToday. http://ed.gr/b5th2

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Learn how we can help protect your organization.

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