Pattern of Life Data.
Real Time Behavioral Analysis.
Actionable Results.


We bring the power of Open Source Intelligence (OS-INT), Internet Intelligence (NET-INT) and our See Something Say Something app (HUM-INT) for edge-to-edge risk detection. Radiance scours the web prioritizing current behaviors to predict future action. This is a key advantage over other technologies, which focus only on historical behavior.

It’s Not What’s Been Posted. It’s What’s Been Read.

What a person is reading on the Internet is exponentially more valuable in predicting future behavior than analyzing what they may post or react to online. NET-INT hunts the web, identifying, cataloguing and continuously monitoring IP addresses researching a full spectrum of risk-related content. NET-INT captures anomalous pattern of life data, and uses statistical analysis to prioritize the severity of risk related to that IP address’ behavior.

Means. Motivation. Target.

Like OS-INT, NET-INT is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of massive data ingestion and processing of unstructured data. It monitors behavior across 43 pre-categorized behavioral dimensions, including attack planning, cyber tactics, radicalization and insider threat behavior. Client-specific dimensions can be chained to existing categories to address specific industry risks and business needs.

We Watch Who is Watching You.

In its lifetime, NET-INT has identified, catalogued and stored more than 623,000 IP addresses engaged in threat-related risk topics. NET-INT quickly assess if IP addresses in that proprietary database match any IP addresses touching a client’s online infrastructure. Match results are prioritized based on a behavioral-driven risk scoring system.