Tampa, March 1, 2022 – Tampa-based, Lumina Analytics announced today that its chief data scientist and co-founder Dr. Morten Middelfart has been named an IBM Champion for 2022.  According to IBM’s announcement, an IBM Champion is “recognized as an innovative thought leader in the technical community who has demonstrated exceptional expertise and contribution (to the field of computer science).  An IBM Champion is a non-IBMer IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others through blogging, speaking at conferences, moderating forums, leading user groups, and authoring books or articles.”

“This is a great honor and I am humbled by this recognition,” said Middelfart of receiving this recognition for the second time in three years.  “I would like to share this recognition with the entire development team at Lumina.  Remarkable work is being done here in Tampa.  I am extremely proud of what we are doing and believe our most recent developments will have a massively favorable impact on the fields of machine learning and AI across the globe for years to come.  I am grateful to our colleagues at IBM for this recognition.  They are outstanding partners.”

Under Middelfart’s leadership, Lumina has developed a new form of machine learning called Random Contrast Learning or RCL. In early testing, RCL has outperformed deep learning algorithms in Natural Language Processing across multiple measures including recall, training speed, inference speed, and size of resulting model. 

About Lumina 

Lumina is a specialty artificial intelligence company based in Tampa, Florida, serving government, commercial, and institutional customers in their efforts to harness and understand data without regard to source or structure.  Its SaaS platform, Radiance, and reporting service, R3, are Lumina’s primary products.  Lumina IP has developed the machine learning form, Random Contrast Learning (RCL), and is developing the language model, Lumina M5. For more information about Lumina, contact: candace.donnelly@lumina247.com