As Lumina Analytics pursues its mission to utilize technology as a force for good, we are excited to announce a new partnership with IBM. And while many businesses have already benefitted from our Radiance solution, we also made the choice to move the platform to the IBM Cloud, elevating its speed and accuracy.

“The Radiance platform’s performance on the IBM Cloud has far exceeded what was possible in the previous environment,” said Lumina Chief Operating Officer Michael Browne. “We saw an exponential improvement in both speed and accuracy, and these advances will put our customers in a better position to prioritize their risks and protect the people and things that really matter.”

Choosing to become an IBM Business Partner, Lumina also signed an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) that offers a unique opportunity to go to market together with IBM and allowing Lumina to approach our customers with a single agreement for a total solution.

Read the full announcement on the IBM Business Partner Blog.

About Lumina Analytics

Lumina Analytics was founded on the idea that technology is a force for good. We are the first technology of our kind, offering clients a way to ensure their businesses and people are protected because protecting what matters most is more than what we do, it’s who we are.

We are motivated by purpose and relentlessly dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging problems. Through refusing to embrace the status quo, we’ve created proprietary, deep-web listening algorithms to uncover risk, provide timely, actionable information, and help to prevent catastrophic loss. Together with our partners, we challenge ourselves to identify the seemingly impossible and solve it.

About Radiance

Radiance is a one-of-a-kind disruptive search technology that automates internet searches to identify risks and threats in ways that have not been previously possible. Radiance puts commercial and government enterprises back in control of their search processes, utilizing propriety risk factors known as Behavioral Affinity Models.

The Radiance platform helps reduce analyst labor hours and costs by as much as 90% while increasing the thoroughness and effectiveness of their search processes, and is designed to keep people and places safe and secure through initial vetting and continuous monitoring of employee or customer behavior. Searches provide near-instant results delivering meaningful, actionable intelligence to identify and prevent risk.