As team Lumina transitions to our new normal of social distancing, working from home and enhancing our AI capabilities to help predict exposure to, and streamline screening for,  the coronavirus, we also take a moment for gratitude.

A Thank You to All on the Frontlines

While we are in our houses, working this problem from our kitchen tables and home offices, we know many others who do not have that luxury.  We read stories in the news and hear directly from our friends, family members, neighbors and loved ones, who are first responders, healthcare professionals and the many others working the frontlines in this battle. 

To them, and to the countless others around the globe: Thank You. 

Laser focus on using AI to Help Solve the Pandemic 

We are grateful for your service and inspired by your commitment to saving lives.  Please know that we are laser focused on using our technology to support your efforts and help solve this pandemic.  To everyone reading this blog, please send a note of thanks to someone you know on the frontlines, or to tag them on social media to show your appreciation.

We are also grateful for the moments of humanity that are being shared across the web and social platforms. 

Random Acts of Kindness 

From the videos of Europeans singing from their balconies and stories of charities raising funds to provide hand sanitizers and soap to people in poverty, to local news covering the YMCA providing low-cost childcare for first responders, and everyday citizens offering their services to help the elderly and others in need – the random acts of kindness are an inspiration to us all.

And, as a company committed to solving the world’s most challenging problems with AI, we are also inspired by the all-hands approach of tech companies and corporate America to assist in these unprecedented and challenging times.

AI and Finding a Vaccine, Remote Learning and Work From Home Tools and Support for Small Business

Here’s a quick round up of some of those efforts: 

  • AI and finding the coronavirus vaccine: According to the Wall Street Journal, “the hope is that AI, which can spot patterns and make predictions, could identify drug prospects to test on humans within months—a critical time savings “when battling this pandemic.
  • Online tools to help remote learning: Forbes shares tools available through The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy to help parents navigate online materials and its newly launched “Story Mentors” program, a free online classroom and library. And, video recording and sharing service Loom, has made its Pro offering free for all educational institutions, teachers and students. 
  • Best practices for remote working: LinkedIn has made its learning classes on remote working available for free. And the new Open for Business hub, is a website that lists technology companies that are helping small businesses with free services to enable and support remote work.

Stay tuned for more from Lumina on our capabilities and a continuing list of companies making a difference in these challenging times.   Until next week, stay safe, practice social distancing, follow CDC guidelines and remember to wash your hands.