As the summer draws to a close and students return to campus, schools across the country are incorporating active shooter response training into their procedures and protocols.  The drills are just one component of overall safety preparedness efforts, being undertaken at the state, federal and local levels.

STRONG Ohio Plan Includes Social Media Scans

While response trainings on school campuses have become an increasingly common practice, the focus is even more pronounced in light of the recent mass shooting attacks in Dayton and El Paso.

In response to the shootings in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine unveiled his STRONG Ohio plan, designed to reduce gun violence. The state created a School Safety Center, which will review school emergency management plans and offer risk threat and safety assessments, consolidate school safety resources on saferschools.ohio.gov, promote the use of a tip line to anonymously report suspected threats and scan social media and websites to identify people suggesting acts of violence. 

Increased Arrests for Threatening Comments

Increased precautions aren’t just being taken at schools, and for good reason.  Following those tragic events, the FBI ordered a new threat assessment to thwart future mass attacks in the country.

Since that time, more than 25 people have been arrested for making threats to commit mass shootings – and that number does not include the three mall shooting scares in California over the weekend.

Public Venues Enhancing Security and Reviewing Response Plans

Sports venues like the Raven’s M&T Bank, and Camden Yard, home to the Orioles, announced enhanced security measures in August and retailers across the country are reviewing their safety procedures, which as Target noted in a public statement include team member training, partnerships with law enforcement and the use of technology.

Use of technology is not unique to private corporations.  Even before the recent shootings, the FBI issued a request for proposal (RFP)for a social media early alerting tool to mitigate multifaceted threats. 

Tips for Personal Safety

The Department of Homeland Security offers tips for all of us to follow when we’re in public locations.

  • Be Prepared: Take notice of surroundings and identify potential emergency exits. Be aware of unusual behaviors and report suspicious activities to security or law enforcement.
  • Take Action: If an attack occurs, run to the nearest exit and conceal yourself while moving away from the dangerous activity. If you can’t exit to a secure area, protect yourself by seeking cover.
  • Assist and React: Call 9-1-1, remain alert and stay aware of the situation. Help with first aid when it is safe, and follow instructions once law enforcement arrives.

Part of your preparation can include downloading Lumina’s See Something Say Something app. It’s a free, crowd-sourced, mobile application that allows users to confidentially report concerns in real time.  

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