~~Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis can speed the investigatory process, allow for continuous evaluation and reduce existing backlog~~

Lumina’s AI-driven Radiance platform, which uses proprietary, deep-web listening algorithms to uncover risk, provides one solution for modernizing the security clearance process and reducing the existing backlog.  The company has configured Radiance’s exclusive Behavioral Risk Profiles (BRPs) against the 13 adjudicative guidelines criteria, allowing for earlier risk determination and prioritization of investigatory resources.

“As many security experts have pointed out, our current system is not only time consuming and slow, it is also out of sync with how people live in the 21st century.  To be sure, 50 years ago, interviews with neighbors, colleagues and other associates could help provide meaningful insights into our lives and habits,” said Allan Martin, CEO of Lumina. “Today, we share these very same insights willingly, publicly and knowingly across a variety of online platforms.  But, with more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created on the Internet every day, only a platform with Radiance’s capabilities can quickly and thoroughly find and prioritize relevant and actionable content.”

Radiance is designed to overcome the challenges of massive unstructured data ingestion, evaluation, and prioritization. This provides a rapidly deployable, scalable and user-friendly solution for the security clearance process.  The technology is comprised of three modules, for edge-to-edge risk detection.

Radiance Open Source Intelligence (OS-INT)

OS-INT is a deep-web listening tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess and prioritize risk.  OS-INT scours publicly available data across the entire Internet, correlating names entered into the system with content related to its exclusive BRPs, and cross-referenced with more than one million queries into Lumina’s proprietary databases of risk.  Unlike social media monitoring, OS-INT is not reliant on a single platform or social media API, allowing for continuous ingestion of all open source data.

OS-INT’s security clearance bundle includes more than 16,220 terms related to the 13 adjudicative guidelines. OS-INT performs nearly 325,000 searches across the entire web, correlating names with associated risk behaviors. Similar results would take an individual running a manual web query more than 18 years to read and analyze.

OS-INT completes searches in an average of 4-5 minutes, providing prioritized, high resolution, and actionable results. The system allows for continuous monitoring and evaluation, mapping previous results against results from more recent queries.

The configuration of BRPs only collects publicly available information, within the scope of the investigation and does not use account creation or digital interaction with POIs. As a result, the collection of information adheres to Security Executive Agent Directive 5 guidelines.

Radiance Internet Intelligence’s (NET-INT) 

NET-INT’s proprietary algorithms continuously identify, monitor, capture, and prioritize IP addresses exhibiting anomalous behavior across multiple risk dimensions.  Its massive system of data ingestion has the capability to catalogue, index and redeploy Internet content related to risk dimensions associated with SEADs.

The system captures an IP addresses’ pattern of life data, prioritizing anomalous behavior. NET-INT also screens IP addresses associated with an entity or person of interest against all IP addresses displaying anomalous behavior collected over the system’s lifespan. 

NET-INT’s continuous monitoring of a POI’s Internet research behavior helps predict emergent behavior indicative of a violation of the guidelines.

Radiance Human Intelligence (HUM-INT) 

HUM-INT is powered by the S4 app, a crowd-sourced, mobile application that allows users to confidentially report concerns in real time. S4 app can be configured as a workplace tool, allowing employees to submit information related to potential risk behaviors exhibited by co-workers. A centralized management portal allows clients to access real-time threats to geo-fenced facility locations.

View Lumina’s blog and white paper on security clearance at www.luminaanalytics.com

About Lumina 
Lumina is a predictive analytics company founded on the idea that technology is a force for good.  The company’s optimized artificial intelligence capabilities help keep people and places safe and secure through active and early detection of high-risk behavior.  Lumina’s Radiance platform uses proprietary, deep web listening algorithms to uncover risk, provide timely, actionable information, and help prevent catastrophic loss.  Lumina is committed to protecting what matters most, and its Radiance platform is designed to help solve the world’s most challenging problems. 

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