The Problem

Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and healthcare service providers employ millions of people across a diverse spectrum of positions and roles. These individuals have access to sensitive patient data, powerful chemicals and substances, sophisticated technology, critical organizational infrastructure, and vulnerable patient populations. Furthermore, hospitals and healthcare service providers experience high-volume patient churn, as individuals in need of care, along with friends and family, cycle through their facilities daily. Patients and residents live in close quarters and are especially vulnerable to physical risk due to illness, injury, and other ailments. With complex organizational structures and ever-shifting patient and visitor populations, your employees, medical staff, and patients may be exposed to unforeseen physical threats.

Lumina’s Solution

Through its suite of physical security risk identification databases, Lumina provides actionable intelligence to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and healthcare service providers to mitigate threats to physical security. Customers can pinpoint physical risk created by patients, staff, referring physicians, vendors, or any other individual with nexus to your organization. With Lumina’s Workforce and Patient Safety Solutions, clients are granted access to the following correlation databases:


Lumina’s Sexual Offenders (“SOFF”) Database provides sexual offender screening services for the identification of sexual predators among your staff, contractors, or patients. It includes sexual offender data for all fifty states as well as all U.S. territories and Native American tribes.


Lumina provides screening services for individuals with nexus to domestic violence and international violent crime through its Security Database. This Database identifies individuals and entities affiliated with, engaged with, or otherwise connected to violent actors.

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The Sexual Offender Database includes sexual offender registries for all 50 states as well as all U.S. territories and Native American tribes, ensuring full domestic coverage. The Security Database includes predictive data and analytics for violent criminals and their networks on a global scale.


The Sexual Offender Database and the Security Database are updated continuously, ensuring the best possible risk mitigation.


Lumina Sexual Offender Reports and Security Reports provide detailed profiles of individuals identified as true matches on each physical security risk identification Database. Sexual Offender reports draw special attention to individuals identified as repeat offenders. Security reports highlight individuals with a history of violent activity as well as those engaged in activity indicative of criminal intent.


Protect your sensitive data. Lumina asks that you simply provide the names of individuals and entities within your network. Our machine learning algorithms will not only check for the names submitted, but will further screen for nicknames and other possible name variations. Our Artificial Intelligence and trained Intelligence Analysts execute efficient physical risk identification without the need for social security numbers, addresses, or other sensitive data points.


All Lumina reports are drafted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).


All Lumina reports and correlation results will be archived in your secure Lumina24/7 client portal. Our data dashboards and reports allow for easy risk monitoring and provide you with actionable intelligence for enhanced company-wide security. Lumina24/7 is a fully auditable platform that tracks every step of analysis from the moment a name enters the system.


Lumina can run names through its physical security databases on an ongoing basis, ensuring no risk goes unnoticed. Lumina will issue real time alerts as risk is identified. Alternatively, you can choose to run physical security risk assessments annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or with even greater frequency, depending on your preference or need.


Lumina’s machine learning algorithms and trained intelligence analysts eliminate false positives without the need for further information from clients. Once names are correlated against our databases, you will receive a robust intelligence report with detailed profiles of individuals and entities identified as true matches within the physical security risk identification databases.

When It Comes to Safety, There’s No Room for Compromise

With Lumina’s Workforce and Patient Safety Solutions, you will have immediate and actionable intelligence regarding physical security risks to your personnel, your patients, and your critical infrastructure. Lumina will provide predictive analytics flagging impending threats, enabling fast preparation and risk elimination. This intelligence will enable you to ensure the safety of your greatest assets—your staff, your personnel, and your patients.

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Here’s what our clients have to say about Lumina’s Workforce and Patient Safety Solutions

“Since hiring Lumina, we’ve tightened our employee and vendor vetting process, eliminating risk at the start of our professional relationships. If you’re serious about safety in the workplace, you should definitely consider Lumina’s physical security offerings.”

Chief Risk Officer, Large Hospital System

“I work with hazardous biochemicals every day. Knowing that we monitor for physical security risks with Lumina has given me greater confidence in the security of our staff and facilities.”

Head of Research, Main Laboratory for Top 100 Pharmaceutical Company