The Problem

As a society, we rely heavily on our utilities and critical infrastructure. Computer systems and power grids, bridges and roads, waterways and public transit, cyber systems, emergency services, and the like keep our economy and our lives moving forward. Each of these assets are critical to our nation’s survival and vulnerable to physical security threats. These threats arise from violent actors both at home and abroad, who capitalize on the advantages of the digital era to plan and execute attacks.

The Solution


Lumina provides screening services against our proprietary Security Database for the identification of bad actors in the planning stages of an attack against your personnel, facilities, and assets. Using a simple and cost-effective correlation method, Lumina can rapidly identify and report key indicators that your enterprise is at risk of an attack. This intelligence can be reported to any number of constituents within your network, enabling fast action and physical security risk mitigation. This database is utilized to service many of Lumina’s corporate clients as well as members of the intelligence community.


For more information, please contact us directly at 866.599.0404 or to learn more about this proprietary database and possible uses.



The Security Database includes predictive data and analytics for violent criminals and their networks on a global scale.


The Security Database is updated continuously, ensuring the best possible risk mitigation.


Lumina Intelligence reporting provides immediate insight into what assets and/or facilities are at risk of an attack, enabling rapid risk mitigation.


All Lumina reports are archived on your secure Lumina24/7 client portal. Lumina24/7 is a fully auditable platform that tracks every step of analysis throughout the screening process.


Lumina monitors its Physical Security Database on an ongoing basis, ensuring no risk goes unnoticed. Lumina issues real time alerts as risk is identified.

Protect the Infrastructure that Keeps Us Moving Forward

With Lumina’s Physical Security for Utilities and Critical Infrastructure solution, monitoring of society’s most important assets never stops. Our predictive analytics and reporting prevent potentially catastrophic risk events, placing actionable intelligence into the hands of decision-makers before disaster strikes. Contact us today to see how Lumina can service your physical security needs.

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Still Not Sure?

Here’s what our clients have to say about Lumina’s Physical Security Solutions for Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

“Our mission is to provide energy to our customers safely and efficiently. With Lumina, we are confident that we can do our work without fear of disruption.”

Chief Executive Officer, Utility Company

“Our business relies on the safety of critical infrastructure. Lumina provides us with an added layer of security, participating in our continued success.”

Chief Risk Officer, Infrastructure Investment Fund