What We Do

At Lumina, we use external data to identify risks and opportunities early for our clients. Customers can correlate names against Lumina’s proprietary risk identification databases to quickly illuminate threats tied to employees, vendors, customers, or prospects. Clients can also use Lumina’s technology to construct custom data ecosystems, tailored to solve their unique problems and satisfy their particular needs. Our technology creates the advantages of time and speed, while our analyst team brings context and understanding to what ecosystem data reveals. Clients receive reports packed with actionable intelligence for fast, data-driven decision-making.

Lumina Risk Identification Databases

Lumina has built and maintains a suite of risk identification databases designed to identify individuals and entities representative of threats to corporate and government clients. Lumina uses these databases to provide an end-to-end risk identification solution. Clients simply upload names of former, current, and prospective employees, vendors, and customers to their Lumina24/7 client portals. Our algorithms correlate these names against Lumina’s risk identification databases to assess for risk. Clients are alerted to any positive matches and receive detailed correlation reports with profiles of individuals and entities flagged within each risk identification Database. With Lumina, clients save millions in time and resources. No more sifting through false positives. Our targeted algorithms and trained Intelligence Analysts expertly cut through irrelevant data, providing you with only the most poignant and necessary information. Our databases are updated continuously, ensuring no risk goes unnoticed.

Lumina has built and maintains the following risk identification databases:

Lumina’s Debarment & Exclusion (“D&E”) Database, which includes 136 debarment, exclusion, and sanctions lists, issued at the state, federal, and international levels.
Lumina’s Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) Database, which includes intelligence on Politically Exposed Persons and PEP affiliates from 243 countries and territories across the globe.
Lumina’s Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption (“ABAC”) Database, which includes case data for every case ever filed under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) or U.K. Bribery Act of 2010. This database includes Defendants, Plaintiffs, Attorneys, allegations, and verdicts for each case.
Lumina’s Global Billionaires Database, which identifies and provides intelligence on high net worth individuals interested in doing business with your firm.
Lumina’s Security Database, which is devoted to identifying individuals and entities, affiliated with, engaged with, or otherwise connected to violent criminal actors and international money laundering.
Lumina’s Sexual Offenders Database (“SOFF”), which includes sexual offender registries for all fifty states as well as all U.S. territories and Native American tribes.
Labor & Employment (“L&E”) Claims Database, which includes case data for claims related to discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace violence, wage & hour, workers’ compensation, and other L&E claims. The database includes information related to the Plaintiffs, Defendants, Attorneys, and allegations for each case.

Lumina Custom Data Ecosystem Construction

Clients can use Lumina’s technology to build their own custom data ecosystems. It starts with defining your ecosystem target. You decide what person, company, industry, market segment, risk area, or opportunity you want to understand. We use our deep web mining algorithms to capture everything on the Internet related to your ecosystem target. All ecosystem content is organized based on sentiment, page source, and content, enabling our team of analysts to immediately begin monitoring for trends and changes within your ecosystem. Clients receive alerts as soon as new risks or opportunities are identified through ongoing trend analysis. Once an ecosystem is built, we extract the names of individuals and entities from the ecosystem’s unstructured text data. We provide comprehensive relationship mapping, granting insight into how certain people and businesses influence your ecosystem target and are connected to your ecosystem network. Data aggregation never stops—your ecosystem will become a dynamic, living asset. We provide regular intelligence reporting on the data within your ecosystem, placing the power of the deep web at your fingertips.

Lumina Solutions

Our products and services are built to support Boards of Directors and the C-Suite, the Office of the General Counsel, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management divisions, and Compliance departments. For more information regarding how we service our clients, visit our Solutions landing pages.