The Problem

Managing risk is a challenge for most organizations, particularly in the face of globalization, evolving technology, and rapid changes in the economic environment. Implementing integrated, coherent, and cost-effective risk management is a key aspect of successfully managing risk. That said, there are many practical impediments to developing effective risk functions, and many companies experience costly risk management “failures” despite the expenditure of significant time and money. Risk management activities are often manual, labor-intensive, and narrow in scope; and even automated solutions can require extensive manual intervention.

One of the biggest challenges to contemporary risk management is the emergence of “big data” which has largely overwhelmed many risk management functions and existing tools of analysis. Critical information about an organization’s employees, customers, vendors, and other parties exists in a wide range of internet sources, including social platforms, blogs, and news sources. For example, current or former employees may discuss sensitive company information openly on internet forums. Worse, a sales employee could be having frequent but unknown contact with a foreign government official exposing his employer to foreign corrupt practices risk. The information is out there – the problem is how to quickly identify, filter, and report it cost effectively. Unfortunately, the inability to comprehensively capture and analyze this information means that many organizations will overlook key risk indicators or trends resulting in countless business and legal issues, as well as potentially catastrophic reputational damage.

Lumina’s Solution

With Lumina Enterprise, we continuously monitor names of individuals and entities within your network for key regulatory, litigation, and security threat indicators using our proprietary risk identification databases as well as custom data ecosystems. We update our databases in real time using relevant public data sources, ensuring that emerging threats are quickly identified. You receive instant alerts with actionable intelligence related to individuals and entities flagged within our risk-specific databases. Only true positives are reported, enabling fast and targeted risk mitigation. Additionally, we build custom data ecosystems to track content across the web for risk indicators relevant to your business. Our sophisticated machine learning technology cuts through the “noise” of the deep web directly to those data sources indicative of growing threats. Our Intelligence Analysts alert you immediately to emerging risk relevant to your organization’s reputation, regulatory compliance, and security. We use external data to identify risks early, enabling fast action, resource alignment, and data-driven prioritization.

Name Correlation + Custom Ecosystem Construction

Name Correlation

With Lumina Enterprise, you gain full access to our proprietary databases and correlation services to identify risks within your network. Correlation services provide fast, accurate, and targeted risk identification. You provide us with the names of individuals and entities within your network. We provide detailed profiles of true positives flagged within our risk-specific databases. As Persons and Entities of Interest (“POI” and “EOI”) are reported, you can use correlation results to prioritize due diligence and risk mitigation. Our risk identification databases provide intelligence related to a wide range of topics including BSA-AML compliance, Know Your Customer risk identification, Corporate Integrity Agreement compliance and comprehensive ineligible persons screening, enhanced vendor and personnel due diligence, and more. For a full listing of Lumina’s proprietary risk identification databases, see the Lumina Databases for Correlation and Risk Identification section below.

Custom Ecosystem Construction

We construct custom data ecosystems to accumulate critical risk information from external data sources. External data is broader in scope than internal data, and often provides early insight into emerging threats. You define your ecosystem target, whether that be a person, entity, market, market segment, or other specified area of risk. We capture everything that is publically available on the Internet relevant to that target. Ecosystem content is drawn from legal databases, educational archives, social media platforms, blogs, advertisements, and many other sources. Data aggregation for a custom data ecosystem is continuous – your ecosystem is a dynamic asset that grows and evolves in step with the development of content across the web.

We aggregate and categorize data based on topic, sentiment, and page source. Categorization is automatic, which enables our team of trained intelligence analysts to identify patterns in the data indicative of emerging risk. We use proprietary name extraction technology to identify individuals and entities within the unstructured text data of your ecosystem and provide you with comprehensive relationship mapping, pinpointing the key influencers and drivers within your ecosystem. We provide regular intelligence reporting on key risk indicators and emerging threats within the ecosystem to support rapid identification of individuals and entities responsible for driving risk or negative sentiment. This actionable risk intelligence then becomes a key component of your risk mitigation and management.

Access to the following databases for correlation and risk identification is included in the Lumina Enterprise package:

Database Content Uses

Debarment & Exclusion (“D&E”) Database

136 debarment, exclusion, and sanctions lists – state, federal and international

  • Ineligible Persons Screening for CIA Compliance
  • Domestic and International Vendor Due Diligence
  • International Operations Compliance
  • Personnel Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Enhanced ABAC Compliance
  • KYC Monitoring Solutions for Banking and Financial Services
  • Security database includes added analysis for –
    • Workforce Safety
    • Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure, Higher Education, and Theme Parks

Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) Database

PEP and PEP affiliate data for 243 countries and territories globally


Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption (“ABAC”) Database

Case data for every case filed under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or U.K. Bribery Act of 2010 including defendants, plaintiffs, attorneys, allegations, and verdicts


Global Billionaires Database

Intelligence on high net worth individuals and affiliates


Security Database

Intelligence on individuals and entities associated with international violent crime and money laundering.


Labor & Employment (“L&E”) Claims Database

Case data for 175,916 labor and employment cases including plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, allegations, and verdicts

  • Litigation Risk Management and Prevention of L&E Statutory Violations

Sexual Offenders (“SOFF”) Database

Sexual offender data for all U.S. zip codes, U.S. territories, and Native American tribes

  • Patient Safety Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Service Providers
  • Workforce Safety Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, and Healthcare Services Providers


Lumina Intelligence Reporting Enables Fast, Data-Driven Decision-Making

Correlation Reports:

  • Issued when Persons or Entities of Interest (“POI” or “EOI”) are flagged in a Lumina risk identification database during the correlation process.
  • Provide names, photos, positions, and roles of POI and EOI.

Alert Memos:

  • Issued in real time.
  • Identify flagged key risk indicators.
  • Ensure you are aware of threats from the moment of discovery.

Ecosystem Intelligence Reports:

  • Issued following Alert Memos.
  • Provide comprehensive view of the scope, timeline, reach, engagement, and overall estimated impact of flagged content and associated risk exposure.
  • Include:
    • Quantitative and qualitative analysis through trending dashboards, charts and graphics.
    • Descriptions of identified risks and possible impact.
    • Profiles of individuals and entities connected to flagged content.
    • Primary resource data, screenshots, and direct links to URLs for flagged content.

Alert Logs:

  • Issued weekly.
  • Organized according to sentiment, subject matter, and source.
  • Include:
    • Summaries of content captured in your ecosystem throughout previous week.
    • Direct links to primary resource content.

Monthly Ecosystem Data Dashboards And Overview Memos:

  • Issued monthly.
  • Provide ecosystem growth and development dashboards.
  • Include:
    • Overall risk profile and intelligence on emerging threats within your ecosystem.
    • Correlation dashboards for overview of correlation history and findings.


  • Correlation Databases amass all publicly-available data related to each targeted area of risk.
  • Data ecosystems designed to capture all internet data relevant to the ecosystem target
  • Correlation Databases are updated in real time.
  • Custom external data ecosystems aggregate data on an ongoing basis.
  • Correlation Reports and Ecosystem Intelligence Reports provide detailed profiles of:
    • POI and EOI flagged within the risk identification databases.
    • Other individuals and entities identified as engaged in high-risk activity.
  • You provide only names of individuals and entities within your network – no social security numbers, addresses, or other sensitive data.
  • Our algorithms correlate names submitted and check for other possible name variations.
  • Lumina Enterprise provides you with access to our full suite of databases for correlation and risk identification.
  • Run your network names against every database or scale your selection up or down depending on your needs.
  • All Lumina reports are drafted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).
  • Screen names for a robust assessment of enterprise-wide risk.
  • Lumina reports/correlation results are archived in your secure Lumina24/7 portal.
  • Data dashboards and reports allow for easy risk monitoring and provide you with actionable intelligence.
  • Lumina24/7 is a fully auditable platform that tracks every step of analysis from the moment a name enters the system.
  • We can run names through the databases continuously, ensuring no risk go unnoticed as new content is integrated daily.
  • We issue real time alerts as risks are identified.
  • You can choose to run correlations annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or on an ad hoc basis.
  • Our Intelligence Analysts monitor your custom external data ecosystems daily, and report on trending risks as soon as they are identified.
  • You receive robust and regular intelligence reporting as risks are identified, enabling fast risk prioritization and targeted threat mitigation.
  • Unusual or significant risks are communicated immediately.


With Lumina Enterprise, you receive continuous monitoring and real time risk reporting as threats are identified. Our intelligence empowers rapid resource alignment and targeted risk mitigation. We use sophisticated technology to prevent catastrophic risk events, supporting the long-term health of your business.

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Here’s what our clients have to say about Lumina’s Enterprise Solution

“With Lumina Enterprise, our risk sensing function has evolved dramatically. This growth has given our team greater confidence and efficiency in making tough decisions surrounding resource allocation, prioritization, and risk mitigation."

Chief Executive Officer, Top 10 Global Pharma

“Lumina Enterprise has assisted our team in achieving massive growth this year. They’ve identified individuals and opportunities in our network with massive untapped potential. We are truly grateful to have them as strategic partners.”

Chief Investment Strategist, Boutique Hedge Fund