The Problem

The Internet has over 600 million active websites, packed with data generated by seemingly disconnected users and ideas. While many recognize the potential power of this vast resource, individuals and entities often lack the time, resources, and technological tools to effectively harness the power of the deep web for enhanced decision-making.

Lumina’s Solution

With a custom data ecosystem, Lumina identifies signal intelligence and highlights key leading indicators through analysis of public data to help mitigate risk and capitalize on strategic growth opportunities early. Lumina custom data ecosystems are built around client-specific needs. You define your ecosystem target; this can be a person, company, market, industry, or area of activity. Lumina’s machine learning algorithms and specially trained analysts capture every piece of data on the Internet relevant to your target. Your ecosystem will have millions of websites, organized for continuous, customized analysis. Ecosystem content is automatically sentiment scored, flagging positive and negative storylines and posts for rapid opportunity or risk identification. We use proprietary name extraction and relationship mapping technology to show who is connected to your ecosystem, how they are connected, and the role they play in creating risk or opportunity. This information is presented in clear, concise ecosystem reports for fast, data-driven decision-making. With a Lumina custom data ecosystem, data aggregation never stops. Based on real-time, dynamic data, your Lumina custom data ecosystem is a living asset filled with accessible, relevant information that you can leverage.



Lumina custom data ecosystems are designed to capture all data across the Internet relevant to your organization, ensuring no risk goes unnoticed.


Lumina custom data ecosystems aggregate data on an ongoing basis, maintaining relevancy as content builds over time. Real time alerts are issued as risks become apparent within the ecosystem.


Lumina Ecosystem Intelligence Reports provide detailed profiles of individuals and entities identified as highly connected within your custom data ecosystem. POI and EOI reporting can pinpoint those responsible for emerging threats within your organization or highlight persons and businesses within your network that bring unique opportunities for enhanced growth.


Lumina can monitor content and/or activity in any language, with no geographic boundaries.


All Lumina reports are drafted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).


All Lumina reports will be archived in your secure Lumina24/7 client portal. Our data dashboards and reports enable fast, data-driven decision-making. Lumina24/7 is a fully auditable platform that tracks every step of analysis from the moment ecosystem construction begins.


Lumina intelligence analysts will monitor your custom external data ecosystem daily, reporting on trending risks and opportunities as soon as they are identified. Lumina will work with your team to develop a reporting matrix to ensure your intelligence reports are always delivered to the right people at the right time. Our reporting will empower your key personnel and decision-makers to act with confidence and speed.


You will receive robust intelligence reporting on a regular basis as relevant information is identified within your custom data ecosystem. Intelligence reports will include detailed profiles of individuals and entities of interest along with in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of findings related to your ecosystem target.

Harness the Deep Web to Satisfy Your Specific Needs

With a Lumina custom data ecosystem, you have the power of the deep web at your fingertips. Our custom data ecosystems provide sound, targeted intelligence to serve your organization’s uniquely defined goals. Lumina’s intelligence is supported by millions of data points related to your ecosystem target. Let us help you harness the power of the deep web for enhanced risk management and expedited growth.

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Still Not Sure?

Here’s what our clients have to say about Lumina’s Custom Data Ecosystems

“The power of a Lumina ecosystem is beyond extraordinary. We use our ecosystem for enhanced vendor due diligence. The information we’ve gained has protected us from bringing on liability that would have otherwise remained hidden.”

Head of ABAC Due Diligence, Defense Contractor

“We created a Lumina custom data ecosystem to analyze investment opportunities in Brazil’s oil and gas market. Today, we use our ecosystem to inform our strategic decision-making as we continue to grow and invest in South America’s energy sector.”

Director of Investment Analytics, Top 10 Investment Bank