By monitoring publically available data sources, we alert our clients to identified threats relevant to corporate reputation, regulatory compliance, and physical security. We also use external data to issue regular intelligence reporting for fast, data-driven threat prioritization, resource alignment, and risk mitigation. Our intelligence is actionable and invaluable to those we serve. Our intelligence solutions fall into four distinct categories, each of which provide unique opportunities for threat identification, analysis, and alleviation.

Enterprise Solutions

Through our enterprise-level solutions, you gain access to all of Lumina’s proprietary risk identification databases for correlation of the individuals and entities within your network. Our correlation work provides targeted risk identification, reporting, and mitigation relevant to regulatory compliance, enhanced vendor and customer due diligence, personnel risk management, and physical security enhancement. In addition, you can direct customized ecosystem construction, analysis, and reporting to address specific risk concerns and threat areas relevant to reputation and brand protection, among other threat types.

Enhanced Vendor Due Diligence Across the Globe

Enhanced Vendor Due Diligence, Service Providers Abroad

An industry-leading international defense contractor headquartered in the United States is conducting a company-wide vendor review to ensure full compliance with anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) laws and regulations. Two vendors in particular are difficult to analyze given limited public data sources and inadequate information provided by each vendor.


Lumina builds two data ecosystems, targeting each respective vendor. External data is collected and sorted according to page source, sentiment, and content.

  • Lumina identifies reputational risk indicators relevant to each vendor.
  • After data aggregation is complete, names of individuals and entities are extracted from each vendor ecosystem and these names (employees, board members, vendors, and consultants for each vendor) are correlated against our ABAC, D&E, PEP and Security databases to identify ABAC-specific risk.
  • Relationship mapping sheds further light on which individuals and entities within each vendor ecosystem represent significant ABAC risk to our client.


Discovery of PEP nexus and Export Administration Regulation risk: Lumina identifies relationships between one vendor’s board chairman and nine Politically Exposed Persons.

  • Two of the nine are high-ranking officials from a country that falls outside of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Tenuous ties between the United States and that country coupled with our client’s work in the defense sector result in enhanced monitoring and due diligence related to these relationships.
  • Our client also initiates ongoing monitoring of the vendor based on this intelligence.

Discovery of Suspicious Charitable Giving: Lumina identifies a board member of one vendor who is involved in charitable giving to entities in a country connected to global terrorism.

  • Potential money laundering risk is discovered.
  • Our client initiates targeted transaction analysis tied to this vendor to ensure there is no ongoing suspicious activity.

Strategic Solutions

There are over 600 million websites on the Internet. Many sites have data relevant to your enterprise. Most companies, however, lack the time, resources, and expertise to analyze that data for evidence-based decision-making. With Lumina’s Strategic Solutions, you can direct the construction of custom external data ecosystems, focused on capturing data related to your most troubling problems and your most promising opportunities. You tell us what you want to understand. We deploy our machine learning technology and expert data analytics to capture everything across the Internet relevant to your target. Our highly trained Intelligence Analysts provide clear, concise intelligence reporting for fast, data-driven resource alignment and decision-making.

M&A Analysis in the Wake of the Petrobras Scandal

A large investment bank is seeking data relevant to acquisition targets in the Brazilian oil and gas market. The bank is considering multiple investments in that market but wants to avoid reputational risk connected to the Petrobras scandal.


Lumina creates a custom data ecosystem focused on the Brazilian oil and gas market and deploys machine learning algorithms to capture data across the Internet relevant to the market (in English and Portuguese).

  • We extract the names of individuals and entities and build a relationship map to identify which companies hold strong positions for growth and influence within the market.
  • We color code the relationship map according to reputational risk metrics derived from Internet-wide sentiment scoring analysis. Companies with net negative sentiment are marked in red, while net neutral and net positive entities are marked green.
  • The result is a comprehensive mapping of the market with clear indication of which market participants are strong acquisition targets based on economic and reputational risk considerations.


Enhanced Market Awareness: Lumina provides information about the market and helps the client gain a broader understanding of market composition, key relationships, and opportunities for investment.

Reputational Risk Mitigation: Lumina produces a comprehensive analysis of Internet-wide sentiment tied to each market participant in Brazil.

  • The analysis supports the client’s efforts to identify targets with strong reputations and to avoid targets with significant reputational risk.
  • The client has a better understanding of individuals and entities that have been damaged by the Petrobras scandal, thereby enabling enhanced discretion in building relationships in the Brazilian market.

Correlate Solutions

Companies today expend great energy and resources vetting prospective employees, contractors, vendors, and customers. Unfortunately, threats often evolve after the onboarding process. Many firms struggle to maintain strong systems of risk monitoring, identification, and mitigation that address threats that emerge over time. With Lumina’s Correlate Solutions, you gain access to our full suite of proprietary risk identification databases. We continuously correlate the names of individuals and entities within your network, providing reliable monitoring and mitigation as regulatory and security threats are brought to light.

License Delinquencies Identified for Rapid Compliance Risk Mitigation

A large regional hospital is interested in running a comprehensive debarment & exclusion compliance assessment for its vendor network.


The hospital provides a list of 17,000 names tied to vendor entities and vendor entity principals to Lumina.

  • We correlate these names against the Debarment & Exclusion Database for the rapid identification of matches to debarment, exclusion, and sanctions lists issued at the state, federal, and international levels.
  • Results are processed by our analysts for elimination of false positives.
  • Two true positives are identified—both are healthcare providers with expired licenses.


Rapid risk identification and mitigation: Lumina produces a comprehensive assessment of D&E risk throughout the hospital’s vendor network of 17,000 individuals and entities within just two weeks of name submission. The two licensing deficiencies identified are immediately addressed by the hospital.

Continuous monitoring: Lumina correlates the 17,000 names submitted against its D&E Database on an ongoing basis. This ensures that any vendors that are debarred or excluded at a future date are quickly identified.

Security Solutions: Companies, not-for-profits, and governmental entities face potentially catastrophic threats to the physical security of their personnel, facilities, and assets resulting from instances of workplace violence and acts of terror. Lumina provides powerfully predictive solutions to identify and mitigate physical security threats, providing enhanced protection for your organization.

Security Solutions

Companies, not-for-profits, and governmental entities face potentially catastrophic threats to the physical security of their personnel, facilities, and assets resulting from instances of workplace violence and acts of terror. Lumina provides powerfully predictive solutions to identify and mitigate physical security threats, providing enhanced protection for your organization.

Sporting Venue Secured Using Lumina’s Physical Security Solution

A high-profile professional sports league is hosting an event abroad. The sports league wants to ensure the safety of the athletes, personnel, and patrons attending the event.


Lumina constructs and monitors a custom data ecosystem related to the event for indications of physical security risk.

  • We correlate client data against our Security Database for additional facility monitoring.
  • We provide security briefings on identified risk indicators and best practices for preventing physical security breaches.
  • We establish an intelligence reporting matrix for targeted game day security communication.


Continuous Monitoring: Lumina provides continuous physical security threat monitoring and reporting prior to and during the event.

Enhanced Security Communication: The client has a clear action plan for communication and preventative action throughout the period surrounding the event. Lumina communicates security threat intelligence leading up to the event date to local law enforcement, supporting resource alignment and shared threat recognition.