Banks and financial services firms serve a critical role in the proper functioning of the globalized economy. Every nation, business, agency, organization, and individual relies on the banking and financial services sector to maintain smooth and sustainable operations. Banks employ hundreds of millions of people across the globe and own trillions of dollars in assets. They support critical technology, keeping our planet connected. Given the vital role they play, banks and financial services firms, along with their facilities and personnel, are prime targets for criminal actors who seek to destabilize society through physical attacks against critical infrastructure and key institutions. Lumina provides continuous monitoring and intelligence reporting services to identify and eliminate physical security risks for clients.


Lumina provides continuous monitoring services and extreme vetting of all current and potential customers, employees, contractors, and vendors for the purpose of identifying and eliminating physical security threats. Lumina will provide immediate alerts and intelligence reporting should anyone within your corporate network appear in any of our Physical Security Databases.

Additionally, Lumina provides continuous monitoring of corporate facilities for identification of physical locations at risk of workplace violence. If one of your facilities is flagged as a target of attack within our Physical Security Databases, we will immediately notify your security staff for fast action, ensuring your personnel and assets remain unharmed.

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The Security Database includes predictive data and analytics for violent actors and their networks on a global scale. It is further deployed to predictively identify the physical targets of an attack, ensuring fast risk mitigation before individuals and/ or facilities are harmed.


The Security Database is updated continuously, ensuring the best possible risk mitigation.


Security reports highlight individuals who appear to have criminal intent against your personnel, facilities, or assets.


Protect your sensitive data. Lumina asks that you simply provide the names of individuals and entities within your network. Our machine learning algorithms will not only check for the names submitted, but will further screen for nicknames and other possible name variations. Our Artificial Intelligence and trained Intelligence Analysts execute efficient physical risk identification without the need for social security numbers, addresses, or other sensitive data points.


All Lumina reports are drafted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).


All Lumina reports and correlation results will be archived on your secure Lumina24/7 client portal. Our data dashboards and reports allow for easy risk monitoring and provide you with actionable intelligence for enhanced company-wide security. Lumina24/7 is a fully auditable platform that tracks every step of analysis from the moment a name enters the system.


Lumina can run names through its physical security databases on an ongoing basis, ensuring no risk goes unnoticed. Lumina will issue real time alerts as risk is identified. Alternatively, you can choose to run physical security risk assessments annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or ad hoc, depending on your preference or need.


Lumina’s machine learning algorithms and trained intelligence analysts eliminate false positives without the need for further information from clients. Once names are correlated against our Databases, you will receive a robust intelligence report with detailed profiles of individuals and entities identified as true matches within our Physical Security Risk Identification Databases.


With Lumina’s Workforce Safety Solutions for Banking and Financial Services you will have continuous monitoring of your network, personnel, and facilities, ensuring maximum physical protection. Our Physical Security Databases are designed to provide predictive analytics and intelligence, enabling fast action to mitigate threats before harm is inflicted. At Lumina we are devoted to keeping you and your assets safe. Register today to learn more about what Lumina can do to protect your workforce and facilities.

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Here’s what our clients have to say about Lumina’s Workforce Safety Solutions for Banks and Financial Services

“Lumina’s services are cost-effective and preventative. Investing in our firm’s security was a no brainer.”

Chief of Global Security, Top 20 Bank

“Our top priority is protecting our assets. With Lumina, we are able to do this in a simple and elegant way.”

Chief Investment Officer, Hedge Fund