Lumina Analytics was founded on the simple idea that publicly available data can be harnessed. Once harnessed, it may be used in ways that are extraordinarily valuable, enabling early identification of risks and opportunities. At Lumina, we believe publicly-available data provide those who have it the advantages of time and speed.

Early in 2015, Lumina founders, Allan Martin and Dr. Morten Middelfart, set out to prove their hypothesis—external data can be harnessed. Navigating the rough terrain of the deep web, Morten and Martin sought to construct a data ecosystem surrounding a small niche of risk. Their mission was to find needles in a haystack. They searched for hidden problems among the tangled masses of blog posts and tweets, advertisements and social media messages, news articles and legal briefs, forgotten archives and high-profile publications. Their intent was to do ninety percent of this work with artificial intelligence and machine learning, while finishing the job with bright intelligence analysts. The work was difficult, the vision—grand, the outcome—startling.

Following just a few months of data mining, the principals ran their mountain of data through Lumina’s proprietary algorithms. The data revealed remarkable facts and insights. The predictive power of the data ecosystem they had created was extraordinary. Even more fascinating, Lumina’s artificial intelligence and machine learning assets were automatically leveraging the algorithms embedded in the Internet. We call this process unsupervised machine learning.

Today, Lumina Analytics uses its technology to assist corporate and government clients in the fight against fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering, insider threats, physical violence, and more. We service Fortune 500 firms, agencies of the United States Federal Government, and world-renowned medical research institutions. We started our company looking at risk; we use our approach today to identify opportunity as well.

Our story is just beginning. Let us help you harness data to better understand your world, your risks, your opportunities. It will be our privilege to become part of your team of trusted global advisors.